Offi – Journey Planner 12.0.14 -google APK Download by Andreas Schildbach

Download Free Offi – Journey Planner 12.0.14 -google APK Download by Andreas Schildbach

All-in-one application for public transport

🚍 travel planner (door to door),
Live️ live departure hours (including delays),
📌 nearby stations (also on a map) and
Interact️ interactive network plansThe

Offi makes use of official time table and login data of the selected public transport authority! This ensures that disturbances become visible as soon as the transit authority includes them in the data.

The application has without ads and does not follow you! Offi will use your personal data only to provide the requested information and not for other means. The application is open source,free software and so is aCommunity projectThe

Supported countries

🇺🇸 USA (Philadelphia, Chicago)
🇦🇺 Australia (Sydney, New South Wales, Melbourne, Victoria)
🇬🇧 United Kingdom (TL)
🇩🇪 Germany (DB)
🇦🇹 Austria (BBB)
Switzerland (SBB)
🇧🇪 Belgium (NMBS, SNCB, De Lijn, TEC)
🇱🇮 Liechtenstein
🇳🇱 Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Denmark (DSB)
🇸🇪 Sweden (SJ)
(Norway (Oslo & Bergen)
🇵🇱 Poland (PKP)
🇫🇷 France (Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur)

Supported cities and regions

🔸 Chicago (RTA)
🔸 Austin (CMTA, CapMetro)
. Sydney & New South Wales
🔸 London (TfL)
🔸 Birmingham
. Liverpool
🔸 Dublin
🔸 Dubai (RTA)
& Berlin & Brandenburg (BVG, VBB)
🔸 Hamburg (HVV)
🔸 Frankfurt & Rhine-Main (RMV)
🔸 Munich / Munich (MVV, MVG)
🔸 Augsburg (AVV)
Wer Schwerin & Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (VMV)
🔸 Rostock (RSAG)
🔸 Kiel, Lübeck & Schleswig-Holstein (
🔸 Hannover and Lower Saxony (GVH)
Gτινttingen & Southern Lower Saxony (VSN)
🔸 Braunschweig (BSVAG)
Bremen (BSAG)
🔸 Bremerhaven & Oldenburg (VBN)
🔸 Leipzig and Saxony-Anhalt (NASA)
Ρέ Dresden (DVB, VVO)
Νι Chemnitz and Central Saxony (VMS)
🔸 Essen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Rhine-Ruhr (VRR)
🔸 Cologne / Cologne, Bonn (KVB, VRS)
Lüdenscheid & Märkischer Kreis (MVG)
Paderborn & Höxter (nph)
🔸 Mannheim & Rhine-Neckar (VRN)
🔸 Stuttgart (VVS)
🔸 Reutlingen & Neckar-Alb-Danube (NALDO)
🔸 Ulm (DING)
🔸 Karlsruhe (KVV)
Rier Trier (VRT)
🔸 Nuremberg / Nuremberg, Fürth & Erlangen (VGN)
🔸 Würzburg & Regensburg (VVM)
🔸 Strasbourg & Freiburg
Baden-Württemberg (NVBW)
🔸 Plauen & Vogtland (VVV)
🔸 Vienna / Vienna, Lower Austria & Burgenland
🔸 Upper Austria (OÖVV)
🔸 Linz (Linz AG)
🔸 Salzburg
Innsbruck (IVB)
🔸 Graz & Styria (STV)
🔸 Bregenz & Vorarlberg
🔸 Basel (BVB)
🔸 Lucerne / Lucerne (VBL)
🔸 Zurich / Zurich (ZVV)
/ Brussels / Brussels (STIB, MIVB)
🔸 Copenhagen / Copenhagen (Metro)
Stockholm (SL)
🔸 Warsaw / Warsaw (ZTM)

and more…

Description of the requested rights

Πρόσβαση Full network access, because Offi must ask for information services for departures and holidays.
Σία Location, so Offi displays nearby stations and navigates you from your current location.
🔸 Contacts so that Offi can route you to or from your contacts.

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