Octopus 5.5.4 – Download for Android APK for free

Download Free Octopus 5.5.4 – Download for Android APK for free

There is a huge list of video games for Android and there are some really high quality titles out there: simulators, arcade games, adventure or role-playing games, puzzles … The only thing is that, in many cases, touch screens are the best choice to play them. That’s why you may be interested in getting a peripheral so you can handle it more accurately.

Connect your PC or video console controls to your Android

Then you have two options: the first is to buy an Android gamepad (there are some really decent things out there) and the second is to make the most of the peripherals you already have at home, such as your computer keyboard or Xbox game consoles or PlayStation. In case you are going for the second option, you could do with an application of it Octopus.

It is a tool that can connect our phone wirelessly to an external controller so we can use it in our games. The way it works is really simple and offers us the following possibilities and functions:

  • Compatible with gamepads, keyboards and mouse devices.
  • Assigns a default key to create a preset keyboard and configuration for 30 games.
  • Cloud Sync: save your configuration and use it on any device.
  • Access games from the Google Play Store directly from the app.

Download Last Version: Octopus 5.5.4 – Download for Android APK for free

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