NVIDIA Canvas for Windows

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NVIDIA Canvas is a design tool to leverage your computer’s artificial intelligence to turn designs into realistic representations. With clever image processing, you can turn all your sketches into everyday objects that will fit in any photo.

Utilizing the power of the GeForce and Quadro RTX GPUs lets you sketch your ideas through drawings. Using the paint wheel, brushes and other art tools, it will be easy to combine different shapes before AI starts working.

It is worth noting that the NVIDIA Canvas has a perfectly structured interface that will help any designer to easily complete their work. All you have to do is customize the digital materials you use to discover that the possibilities are almost endless.

NVIDIA Canvas uses the latest technology to help you design ideas that will later be transformed into realistic representations. On the left of the screen, you can see the content while on the right, you can see the AI ​​work. By processing the information, Nvidia software and hardware will work together to give you amazing results.


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