Notebook ++ 7.9.2 – Free download for PC

Download Free Notebook ++ 7.9.2 – Free download for PC

Just in case you did not know it, though you probably did, software developers and codecs do not use pen and paper to write the lines of code that are part of their software but implement them through code editors, basically word processors designed specifically to be able to write, modify, and edit an application source code.

There are many codecs, such as Atom, jEdit, Eclipse, Sublime Text or Emacs, to name but a few, some of which are embedded in development environments, but one of the most popular is definitely Notebook ++, a code editor and an all-in-one notebook adored by developers working in Windows environments.

Which one is the best; Notebook ++ or High text? This depends on YOU.

It is an open source code originally released in 2003 by Don Ho and is now distributed under the GNU General Public License for computers running Microsoft operating system, though not for Mac or Linux. However, you can always Make it run on any type of Ubuntu distribution via Wine, although this is probably not necessary given that these systems have their own native processors.

Main characteristics

Notebook Plus Plus is definitely one of the longest running and versatile code processors on the market with the following features and functionality:

  • High-speed, resource-free, multilingual source code processor.
  • Includes support for syntax highlighting and wrapping, as well as auto-completing words and functions.
  • Tab-based organization like most modern web browsers like Chrome or Firefox.
  • Mark round brackets, square brackets and curly brackets to easily find which closes a particular opening.
  • Record and execute macros with the ability to execute many of them simultaneously.
  • Support for extensions and add-ons that extend the functions of the editor.
  • Customize shortcuts and access keys.
  • Function for data comparison.

Where to download Notepad ++?

This open source project was originally hosted on SourceForge, then transferred to TuxFamily and later in 2015, landed on GitHub where it remains today. Either way, you can download both the 32 and 64-bit version from its official website, where you can also make donations to contribute to its development, or here in Malavida.

What development languages ​​does it support?

We could complete this question and become faster if you wanted to ask about languages ​​with which it is not compatible. when we call it a multilingual code editor, that very it does not refer to two or three languages ​​but to two or three dozen. C, C ++, C #, Java, Fortran, COBOL, Python, Pascal, Perl or PHP are just some of the supported languages.

What’s new in the latest version

  • New release in support of Hong Kong protesters.

Download Last Version: Notebook ++ 7.9.2 – Free download for PC

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