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Nobs World is a platformer that is very similar to the original Super Mario Bros. However, instead of the legendary Italian plumber created by Nintendo, you will play a boy in a hat who loves fruit. In fact, if you eat a strawberry, it will grow in size.

The level design is very similar to the aforementioned Nintendo game, with some parts that are virtually identical and whole phases that are almost exactly the same. The same goes for the enemies in the game. instead of the traditional “gumba”, you will find mushrooms with legs that work the same. You will also find the equivalent of carnivorous plants coming out of pipes and turtles, which in this case are snails.

Nobs World is an incredibly long game, with different worlds, including several dozen different levels. Some of the levels, especially in the beginning, will not be a big challenge. However, the more advanced levels are much more difficult. Fortunately, the controls are really accurate.

Nobs World is a fun platformer that offers decent graphics and a good number of levels. It is an interesting title that allows you to enjoy an experience similar to the traditional Super Mario Bros., but made for Android.


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