Nike Plus Running 4.2.1 for Android

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Nike Plus Running is a current application developed by Nike that lets you keep track of all your workouts, and even better, lets you compare results with your friends.

No social interaction is required to use Nike Plus Running. However, it is advisable to share your results with friends so that you can challenge their seasons and motivate yourself to compete with them.

As usual in this type if the application, Nike Plus Running keeps track of distance, pace and total time. Also, with the help of GPS, it will show you your exact route so that you know exactly where you ran and what run you could complete.

Nike Plus Running also lets you listen to your music directly from the app. You can pause, skip songs, etc. at any time.

Nike Plus Running is an ideal tool for runners or people who like to exercise. You can compete with your friends and get that extra motivation, something that never hurts when it comes time to exercise.


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