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The Google Nik Gallery is a great set of tools that will add a different touch to your photos by adding filters and bold effects that give your photos more character. Several different applications offer a wide variety of functions that when combined together will make your images look professional.

This toolbox is built into a number of Adobe Photoshop add-ons that you can use directly from the filter tab. The Nik Gallery provides many different options, so you can add an almost infinite number of effects.

The first block, Analog Efex Pro, contains nine new filters that will make your photos look like they were taken by a classic analog camera. All you have to do is select one of them and apply it to your image. You will also have the opportunity to add more layers of “dirt and scratches”, vignettes, and film filters to make your photos look more realistically antique.

Color Efex Pro is another minor feature in this package that lets you choose from 55 different effects in which you can create checkpoints to make the various elements more visible. Take a look at Dfine, which lets you adjust contrast and reduce visual noise from other colors separately, this way you can enhance your photos by preventing them from looking too grainy.

HDR Efex Pro lets you create HDR photos by combining different features of this effect along with modifying tonality, tone compression and color. This option recovers lost enhancements, reduces shading and adjusts photo tonality to achieve a natural, high-quality photo for perfectly balanced shots. With Sharpener Pro, you will be able to make your photos look sharper and sharper by specifying the checkpoint for each file.

Another great feature of this filter toolbox is the Silver Efex Pro, which is a section containing 38 different black and white and sepia filters that will give your photos a more modern or classic look depending on your needs. Finally, the best for the end is Viveza, which is a feature that offers different control marks such as glow, contrast, saturation, shading, RGB range combined to improve the quality of your photo to have a bright, rich colored image.


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