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Night of the Full Moon is a roguelike with a card-based battle system. In fact, even the story itself is based on these cards. That way, every time you start a new round and go to the forest, you can experience a different adventure.

The battle system in Night of the Full Moon may seem simple at first, but the fact is that there is really a lot of strategy behind the game. You need to learn how to play cards well, know when to attack, when to defend yourself and when to use the special skills at your disposal. In addition, as you progress, you need to improve your cards.

When you start playing Night of the Full Moon, you will only have one character to use: the nun. However, you can unlock four extra characters to help you discover different stories. In total, more than 90 different enemies await you throughout the adventure.

Night of the Full Moon is a great game that perfectly combines role-playing and strategy and also offers an original atmosphere. Plus, to top it all off, the graphics fit perfectly into this atmosphere and help immerse you fully in this fantastic world.


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