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News Home is an application that keeps you informed and up-to-date thanks to hundreds of local and global news sources. This app provides you with a simple way to fully customize your feed, including special topics of interest, so you are always up to date with the latest news on topics that concern you.

The Home Home interface is as usual for this type of application. There are a number of articles and videos from newsagents, covering a variety of different topics directly on the homepage. If you are looking for news on a particular topic, you can access it from the main menu and view the same information organized by the latest news, trends or view it according to your own specific preferences, which are created taking into account the reactions you have chosen after reading other articles. It also divides global, national, local, celebrity, sports and weather forecasts to power your adder with a combination from each team.

Thanks to News Home you can read and enjoy different content, independently, allowing you to access a wider variety of news sources. You can even watch game news to find free games or watch popular videos from other platforms.

With News Home you will be up to date, fully informed, both in terms of emerging world news and the most popular viral trends around the world. Plus, like a real newspaper, you can find fun leisure activities and games available for a little fun, wherever you are.


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