NetSpot 2.13.1013 – Download for Mac for free

Download Free NetSpot 2.13.1013 – Download for Mac for free

Problems with your Mac and wireless network? Download NetSpot and you will be able to diagnose and solve these problems. This program offers us tools to draw a map of our home, office or building, locating the main network source as well as the point from which we receive the signal. Then you will be able to count which networks are available, at what volume and which channels are used.

Identify connection problems

But NetSpot It not only tells you if the signal quality is good or not, it can also be used to discover interfering noise sources so you can find the right solution to your connectivity problem. All its functions are also accessible in a very simple way, therefore, we are talking one of the most effective Wi-Fi detectors and analyzers for Macs.

Two in one: detection and diagnosis.


  • Network detection and signal quality data.
  • Diagnosis of connectivity problems.
  • CREATION OF projects taking into account our location.
  • Possibility to map the connection area manuallyor upload it from a file.

With this tool, it will be easier to learn how to solve any problem that arises when it comes to connecting to our wireless network.

Download Last Version: NetSpot 2.13.1013 – Download for Mac for free

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