Nero 2021 Platinum 23.5.1010 – Free PC Download

Download Free Nero 2021 Platinum 23.5.1010 – Free PC Download

Some time ago, Nero managed to leave behind the idea that it was just a CD and DVD recorder to now become one of the most complete multimedia suites out there. The truth is that in the late ’90s and early’ 2000s, this software was synonymous with optical disc burningand we used it on a daily basis to burn music CDs, save movies we downloaded from the Internet or make copies of video games. But times have changed.

There is now much more convenient and convenient support for storing, transferring and accessing information than a single disk that will end up worn or damaged. And nor do we consume multimedia content like last year. CD, DVD and Blu-ray have given access to external memory drivers and cloud storage, while downloading music, movies, series and games has lost online services such as Spotify, Netflix or Steam.

Control any aspect of your digital life wherever you go.

But by not falling into disuse and oblivion, Nero knew how to discover himself. Has been one of the best multimedia packages for Windows with a classic variant and a Platinum version that offer us many different functions to work on our multimedia files from the comfort of our desktop computer.

Nero 2021 Platinum: 7 tools in 1

The kids at Nero have left nothing to chance and that is why they have included in the Platinum Suite 2021, up to 6 different tools with which we can work almost any aspect of our videos, photos and music:

  • Nero video: is the suite video editing tool with which we can modify any video, including those recorded on our phone, and create perfect movies and presentations, adding our own soundtrack and many effects.
  • Nero MediaHome: with this feature we can access all the online media files stored in OneDrive, allowing us to organize and play them streaming directly from the cloud without having to download anything at all.
  • Photo by Nero DuplicateManager: over time, you will probably end up downloading or saving copies of the same images over and over again to your computer, creating duplicates that take up only unnecessary space on your hard drive. Thanks to this option, you can easily find, manage and delete the ones you no longer need.
  • Nero BackItUp: this option focuses on keeping our most valuable files always secure by scheduling automatic backups to be stored in the cloud storage service of our choice. All the latter, in a secure way through data encryption and take up as little space as possible by compressing the files.
  • Nero Recode: with this tool, we will be able to copy the contents of an optical disc, whether DVD or Blu-ray, and convert the exported audio or video to another format that may best suit our needs.
  • Nero Burning ROM: the most classic Nero feature in case some old-fashioned users have to keep burning discs, but now with SecurDisc 4.0 technology, which includes 256-bit encryption and password protection to keep all our data safe.

More competition for Spotify

Yes, we have mentioned only six tools, we have not forgotten how to measure. To the previous features, we need to add another tool: Audials music recording, the online music streaming feature with download options developed by Nero. We will have access to many songs through over 100,000 internet radio stations and thousands of concerts and music videos, to be able to enjoy all this content on the internet or download it in MP3 format.

In addition, this Platinum version comes with other classic Nero features, so we do not miss any of the traditional tools in this package, such as Nero MediaBrowser, Nero Cover Designer, Nero TuneItUp or Nero Rescue Agent. What a piece of software!

A single multimedia suite, two permissions to choose from

One of the main new features of other years is this Water 2021 Platinum is accompanied by two different licenses from which the user can choose according to his needs:

  • Nero Platinum 365: with this license, users can receive VIP customer service from Nero, as well as one year of the latest updates at the best price.
  • Nero Platinum Unlimited: is a permanent license purchased only once. With the latter, users can perform all their multimedia projects with simple and high quality software.

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