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Mystic Messenger is a “visual novel” game (an “otome”, to be more specific). In it, you play a young girl and chat with many characters through a mysterious messaging app. Give your character a name and start chatting!

The gameplay in Mystic Messenger is very similar to other games of the same genre, except for the interface, which perfectly mimics a messaging application. Just like a real messaging application, you can start conversations, exchange text messages with different characters, and receive notifications when a character sends you messages. You will normally have two or three choices when answering, but choose wisely – your answers will determine the fate of your protagonist.

Almost all of the action takes place in Mystic Messenger chat rooms, where the messages you send instantly change the course of the story. In addition to joining the chat in the main chat room, you can also send private messages to all characters. Although private messages do not normally make up the main story, you can learn some interesting information about the game and the story of each character.

Mystic Messenger is one of the best “otome” games available on Android. Not only does the game offer an interface and plot that is perfect for smartphones, but also a wide variety of interesting chat characters and great graphics. But there are more than just text messages in Mystic Messenger. There is also a picture gallery where you can take a look at pictures of scenes you unlock as you play the game.


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