MyRealFood 4.3.8 for Android – Download

Download Free MyRealFood 4.3.8 for Android – Download

MyRealFood is an app created by renowned nutritionist Carlos Ríos, and is designed to help you check if certain foods are healthy. All you have to do is look for this product to see its ingredients and if it is a good choice for a healthy diet.

Without a doubt, the best part about MyRealFood is that you can scan the barcode of any product to check its nutritional information. For now, this app is still adding products to its database, but you will soon be able to control anything you want with a swipe of your fingers.

There is also a section with different food categories. Here, you can see the products are divided according to whether they are healthy or processed. In fact, if you touch a product, you will see a photo of it with all its nutritional information.

MyRealFood is a practical application that facilitates the control of the origin and quality of the food you eat on a daily basis. There is even a section where you can post photos and text to share your successes with other users.


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