My Vodafone (Ukraine) 2.3.6 APK Download from Vodafone Ukraine

Download Free My Vodafone (Ukraine) 2.3.6 APK Download from Vodafone Ukraine

Face & contact ID
For added security, set a PIN for the application and for convenience, allow the connection via biometrics.

Messages will now be displayed on the home screen if one of the additional services has not been activated due to low balance. The service can be activated quickly with a few clicks.

Errors were fixed to make the application even more stable 😎

With “My Vodafone” you can easily control costs, manage services and bonuses. The application can be used by all Vodafone Ukraine subscribers.
The application allows:
• Check costs and track the balance of package services
• Learn the terms of the current billing
• Check cash and bonus accounts
• Change the invoice
• Manage multiple numbers at once
• Top up your account with a payment card
• Activation and deactivation of services
• Collect bonuses and exchange gifts
• Find the nearest Vodafone store
Internet traffic (4G / 3G / 2G) on “My Vodafone” is free in Ukraine for Vodafone Ukraine subscribers, which will allow you to save MB packages to your favorite sites.

You can also use the Web version of My Vodafone at

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact: [email protected]

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