My Town: Home Dollhouse 6.07 for Android

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Go on endless adventures in the fun, educational game My Town: Home Dollhouse. Designed for young children, this toy has a dollhouse full of all sorts of things for children to play and interact with!

In this simple game, the only limit is your imagination! There are six different rooms full of objects for children to interact with, either directly or using one of the fun characters in the game. Not only that, there are many activities to do, from planting and watering flowers, turning on the radio, to dressing the family with all kinds of clothes.

This educational game is perfectly adapted to touch screen devices and all activities can be completed simply by tapping or dragging the touch screen of your device. Just drag the screen to discover new rooms or move items.

My Town: Home Dollhouse is a wonderful simple game with tons of activities for children. There are no time limits or missions to complete, just a fun doll where kids can let their fantasies run wild!


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