MuseScore 3.6.0 for Windows – Download

Download Free MuseScore 3.6.0 for Windows – Download

MuseScore is a tool for musicians and composers who want to get started in the world of computer music composition.

If you have to write down your grades and want to use the computer, this wysiwig (What you see is what you get) will help you. It’s just like using paper and a pen, but with some help.

The MuseScore interface has a star of tables and tabs full of notes, symbols and more. Everything is ready to be included in your masterpieces.

The processor has many interesting options, such as the ability to import and export MusicXML and Standard MIDI Files, a built-in sequencer and FluidSynth synthesis software, etc.

Finally, when you have finished creating, save as many formats as possible, including PDF and SVG.


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