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Murder Us is an addictive social game strongly inspired by the successful title, Among Us. It offers the same basic requirement and gameplay that looks almost identical to the original title. However, Murder Us is a great alternative for those who want to enjoy this experience with some small in-game variations that add to both the play value and depth of the game.

In Murder Us you can play one of two different roles: if you are a crew member, you must try to stay alive while completing the tasks required on board. However, if you are the intruder, your goal is to kill all the crew members without being able to identify you. As in the original title Among Us, the social aspect of Murder Us is vital to winning. Your decision about who to trust and who to sacrifice will depend on the conversations you have with the other players.

One of the best things about Murder Us is that the ship’s crew members are divided into different categories. Thus, it may be up to you to be a detective with the ability to track down the killer and detect blood on the suspect’s body.

Murder Us may not be as fun as Among Us, but it is still a great strategy game that offers you an experience that is just as fun and even a little more complicated.


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