mrViewer 5.7.0 (64bit) for Windows

Download Free mrViewer 5.7.0 (64bit) for Windows

MrViewer is a great image viewer for Windows that lets you open any file directly on your computer. This application is compatible with high quality formats such as EXR and HDR, making it a great tool for graphic designers and developers in particular.

The MrViewer interface is very simple, designed to minimize distractions so you can focus on the image in front of you. Each image is displayed in the center of the interface, with a toolbar on the side where you can manage various aspects of it.

With MrViewer, you can not only view images quickly and easily, but also manage frames per second. This is an interesting option for exploring levels or designs with 3D shapes. Apart from that, you can also easily access the image metadata and any other relevant information.

MrViewer has everything you need to view images on your computer, whether it is 2D or 3D. With a simple and flexible interface, viewing and analyzing images is a breeze.


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