monobank – bank in phone 1.34.3 APK Download from Universal bank | Monobank

Download Free monobank – bank in phone 1.34.3 APK Download from Universal bank | Monobank

monobank – The first mobile phone bank without branches in Ukraine!

Transfer money to friends on the card, pay for online utilities, top up your mobile and internet completely free with the monobank application. Credit limit up to 100 thousand UAH with the lowest interest rate in Ukraine, favorable deposit in hryvnia, euro and dollar. Installment, credit, installment purchase, free card renewal and refund from the purchase amount up to 20%. Pay directly with Google Pay.

It is easy to get a card:
– To open a monobank account and use Internet banking for 100 percent, you only need to take a photo of your passport and TIN
– Install the application and answer some questions.
– Order the delivery of the monaural card to the desired place and at a convenient time for you, and when our employee is on the road, he will call you. Show him your passport – and you’re done: you have a card. You can also pick up the card at one of the issuing points.

Modern and stylish card:
– Premium MasterCard (“MasterCard”) or VISA card, completely black.
– Chips for secure payments and PayPass for contactless payment.
– You do not need to carry a wallet – just take this card and make all the money transactions with it.
– Currency cards: dollar, euro, zloty.

Best lending terms:
– Credit limit – up to 100,000 UAH
– Grace period, when there is no accrued interest on the loan – up to 62 days.
– The loan interest rate is only 3.1%, the lowest that can be found in Ukrainian banks.

The most favorable conditions of use:
– Renewal – free.
– Deposits with favorable interest rates in Ukraine
– Payment for mobile communication – Kyivstar (“Kyivstar”), Lifecell (“Lifesell”), Vodafone (“Vodafone”, formerly “MTS”) – taxes and utility bills – free of charge, even on credit.
– Transfer money to friends with cards from other banks.

Spend and earn:
– Bank: save money just by depositing small coins or arrange regular write-offs for faster accumulation.
– Piggy bank: save 7% on the remaining personal funds on the card. No more deposits required.
– Deposit: hryvnia, dollar and euro;
– Cash refund: select 2 cost categories for which you will receive a refund this month and refund up to 20% of the cost. No fuzzy bonuses – just a real cash balance in your account! Reduce shopping costs without leaving home!

– You do not need to take loans – convenient installments for any purchases.
– Select the required number of payments in the application – and the next purchase will be automatically transferred in installments.
– The cost of installments is the lowest in Ukraine: only 1.9% of the purchase amount per month.

Convenient application:
– Personal financial assistant (personal finances): complete control and accounting of expenses for all goods in all categories directly in the application: keep track of what you spend the most money and take care of the family budget. Your income and expenses are in your hands!
– Many card settings for maximum convenience: change the PIN code, limits for purchases of goods in online stores, setting the purchase amount in which you do not need to enter the PIN code when paying and much more.
– Exchange rates: watch the dollar and euro exchange rates to make a profitable exchange.
– You can pay fines for Internet traffic violations and more.

Human support: 24 hours a day on Facebook, Viber, Telegram and by phone.

Cash: use any ATM in the country for withdrawal. And you can top up the card at any terminal, such as the iBox. Currency – Ukrainian hryvnia.

Forget other banking experiences!
mono bank from Universal Bank – the first mobile bank only in Ukraine (license of NBU № 92 dated 10.10.2011).

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