Mole’s World 0.11.21032301S for Android

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Mole’s World is a game that takes you to a universe similar to Animal Crossing, where you have to accompany your character on many missions. You can start conversations with other players as you walk through each area of ​​the map and complete actions that help you level up.

Mole’s World has a processor where you can customize your character. Once you have chosen how you want your character to look, you are ready to start your first missions. Through chatting with other city dwellers, you will always find a way to pass the time and collect new rewards.

One of the most impressive features of Mole’s World is its beautiful graphics. The 3D characters and environments in this game really allow you to enjoy each of the tasks you perform. In this game, you can visit many houses, build and decorate your own or go fishing on the river. At the same time, you can also drive different vehicles which means you can drive even faster.

The missions in Mole’s World are quite different, which means you can have some really fun moments. Discovering new areas of the map, you can interact with a number of characters while continuing with your daily tasks. All this while fixing your house as best you can to surprise other players with the appearance of your new home.


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