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Mobdro is an application for streaming movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports and other content to your Android. However, it works differently from most similar applications. The reason is that with Mobdro, you do not choose which movie or episode you want to watch. Instead, select a channel.

In many online movie and movie tracking applications, you can select the exact episode or movie you want to watch at any time. With Mobdro, this is not the case. Instead, you have a huge list of channels that show non-stop episodes or movies.

In addition to TV and movie channels, Mobdro also offers streaming of traditional TV channels as well as sporting events. You can even access some weird streams, such as live animal videos or people playing video games.

Mobdro is an interesting alternative to the huge number of web content tracking applications available, mainly due to the margin of surprise it entails. Available for a scary movie? Okay, but you do not know which one until you start watching it. It’s almost like turning the channels on a regular TV!


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