MiniBattles 1.0.10 for Android – Download

Download Free MiniBattles 1.0.10 for Android – Download

MiniBattles is a fun multiplayer game library where you fight against your friends, trying to complete the goal of each game. Each mini-game is similar: there are six players separated by color, each trying to reach the goal first or to fight against the other players.

MiniBattles is designed for local games, where players use their smartphone screens as a kind of board. To start a round, all you have to do is press the “play” button in the main menu, after which the application will randomly select one of the many games it offers. Each player takes his place, chooses a color and tries to win the round.

As for games, this application has all kinds. There is one where you play as sumo wrestlers, you try to throw the other wrestlers off the carpet, and another where you go down a path full of traps to get the sandwich. There are also games where you can avoid obstacles and throw punches or save people from an island by helicopter and more. But one common thing is that you compete with other players locally.

MiniBattles is the perfect game to play with friends wherever you are. This is a classic game that adds fun to every night you plan to spend with friends.


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