Mini Town Scary Grany 2.0 for Android

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Mini Town Scary Grany is a simple game that puts players in scary scenes where you can move all objects and characters. Like other Mini Town games, kids can use their imagination to create all kinds of scenes in this fun game.

All the challenges of Mini Town Scary Grany are in one book that you can browse. From this volume, you can see all the maps and objects in the game. This book also allows you to track your progress as challenges are highlighted as you complete them.

In Mini Town Scary Grany, you may need to tap all the lights to light a tent or even tap tombs or doors that hide new characters. With each new character, you can create fun scenes full of suspense and excitement.

Mini Town Scary Grany offers great fun as you move objects and discover all the secrets hidden in this scary world. As you explore and interact with elements and characters, you may even find some scary surprises.


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