Mindomo Desktop (64-bit) Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Mindomo Desktop (64-bit) Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Mindomo 64-bit desktop it is yours free mind map software for windows computer which uniquely combines offline work with online editing and collaboration. An easy to use, autonomous mind map software with extremely flexible functionality. And if you are looking for a complete mind mapping experience, Mindomo desktop also covers internet and mobile synchronization. Free mind mapping software that lets you create mind maps and concept maps locally and upload them online for easy sharing: Mindomo 64-bit desktop is a lifetime, free mind mapping software. Also, you do not need a network connection to create mind maps and concept maps. Avoid synchronizing mind maps offline and online. This means you can upload local mind maps to the cloud and even share them with others. This program is a very easy to use mind map program running on all operating systems: Windows, MAC OS X and Linux.

Mind maps are canvases set will help you visualize your creative thinking. Brainstorming with mind map software like Mint is more productive because you can quickly gather ideas, focus on the most important ones and drag and drop them to create important links. Creating mind maps is a great way to save more than books and articles. As you focus on recognizing key ideas and the connections between them, you create a lasting memory of what you are reading. Mind mapping with software is an easy way to create project blueprints. You start by defining your main objectives and then separating the priorities of the tasks, clear instructions, stakeholder comments and validation requirements. Taking notes is much easier with a mind mapping software.

The tool helps you focus on the purpose of your meeting and turn every item on the agenda into the main industry. As the meeting progresses, you can easily add key points (deadlines, KPIs, budget, etc.) as branches. Software-generated mind maps help you brainstorm and organize your events in the smallest detail. Being able to see everything in one place, from venue choices to appointments and resources, is invaluable. In addition, it is very easy to keep your team on the same page with you. Mind mapping can help you think carefully about your life, clarify your goals and challenges, and point out the responsibilities that will lead you forward. This is where you can really frame your life goals in colors and photos.

Mind mapping is a simple technique for drawing information on diagrams, instead of writing it in sentences. The diagrams always have the same basic shape of a tree, with a single starting point in the middle that branches and divides again and again. The tree consists of words or short sentences connected by lines. The lines that connect the words are part of the meaning.

Features and best moments

Mind mapping has become easy
Create new bubbles using keyboard shortcuts, select map themes and images from predefined galleries, rearrange and drag and drop everything, and then save your map to the desired format.

Mapping functionality
Create flexible structure maps, link bar labels, and multiple topic links.

Create a border
Create borders from scratch or switch from a mind map view to a one-click border view.

Task management with mind maps
Create to-do maps to organize and track your work: easy-to-reorganize to-do lists, hierarchical overview, deadline mechanism, and more.

Publishing maps on the internet
With Sync and Save, you can upload local maps online for easy sharing.

Full import and export function
Import and export maps as MindManager, Freemind, Mindmeister, XMind, Bubbl.us, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Text files, OPML, MPX, HTML, ZIP, PNG, XLS.

Convert maps to presentations
Use the Presenter feature to show your work and turn your map into a presentation.

High fidelity PDF export
Convert your maps to PDF with the highest degree of accuracy.

Autonomous licensing
The one-time purchase gives you access to unlimited maps and themes, as well as free 1-year updates and support.

Revision history
“View map changes” will show you the process of creating a mind map, step by step.

Search web images and videos
Browse images and videos on the Internet, YouTube and Vimeo and add them to your mind maps.

Hyperlinks and attachments
Copy-paste web URLs and attach files from your computer to your maps.

Customizable map themes
Create up to 6 custom map themes that you can apply to any of your new mind maps.

Text format
Style the text in a theme by changing the color, font size and family or making it bold, italic, underlined or distinctive.

Note: Limited functionality in demo version.

Also available: Download Mindomo Desktop for Mac

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