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Download Free Microsoft Teams – Free PC Download

Business communication systems have evolved and gradually become much more productive, especially with the advent of smartphones and the development of wireless connections that have simplified teleworking. Several companies have developed platforms to help make business communications more fluid, such as Microsoft-developed Slack, Yammer or Teams, which aims to make its way through Office 365.

Contacts, tools and online work

The system proposed by Microsoft Teams are very similar to other applications of the same nature. In other words, it relies on partners, messages, tools, and web files so that the cooperation and exchange of any kind of information that is necessary for the development of a project becomes a much faster and smoother project.

This application, which is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows PC, as well as for Mac, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, is is based on the Office 365 chat systemIn turn, this version of the office suite designed for business environments is also essential to be able to work with teams, as you need an account to access the service.

Microsoft’s solution for organizing business projects.

Main characteristics

This solution to improve our corporate productivity is based on features and functions such as the following:

  • Access all conversations and files you share with your colleagues from the same placeThe
  • Collaborate on group documents and filessmall.
  • Talk in public and send messages in real time.
  • Create different spaces and channels of communication according to the project or work to be developed.
  • Look for messages and contacts in your chats and conversations.
  • Customize different areas of your workspace, such as alerts, alerts, or important conversations.

All the latter were presented in an interface with an attractive design, so that your important business communications are as fluid and smooth as they should be.

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