Microsoft Teams – Free Download for Mac

Download Free Microsoft Teams – Free Download for Mac

Fluid communication at work, embedded in the development of professional projects, may be necessary to improve a company’s productivity in terms of project and work development. We have seen this in the case of Slack applications, capable of assembling workgroups and splitting them into smaller groups according to subroutines, pending tasks, and other activities. That too Microsoft Groups offers us a similar idea.

Business productivity thanks to Microsoft

This application is based on the idea behind the Office 365 chat system, the North American company office application with functions targeting the world of small and medium-sized enterprises which are particularly useful groups. This application, which comes with versions for Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone and Android, as well as Mac, provides us with a communication platform where we can exchange messages and information between different members of the same workgroup, as well as provide us with a website where we can share files and edit documents together.

Create custom workspaces with members involved in each project.

You can download it for free, although you must be a registered Office 365 user to use it. It offers us one optimized environment for team development or individual tasks but in which all members of an organization can experience any significant change or information about the projects in which they participate thanks to the notification and alert system.

Main characteristics

  • Flexible customizable workspace according to your own preferences.
  • Configure alerts and notifications do not miss important information.
  • Communicate via private messages and public debates.
  • Quickly find any information, contact or file thanks to the built-in search engine.
  • Work on documents on the go.
  • Edit documents collaboratively.

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