Microsoft Kaizala – Chat, Call & Work 1.1.2719.5521 beta APK Download from Microsoft Corporation

Download Free Microsoft Kaizala – Chat, Call & Work 1.1.2719.5521 beta APK Download from Microsoft Corporation

Simple and secure chat application for large groups and work management.

Microsoft Kaizala is an encrypted messaging application for sending instant messages, images, documents, videos, and audio.

Microsoft works with confidence. At Kaizala, we respect your privacy and never share your data with third parties. Your conversations remain secure – always.

Organizations around the world have adopted Microsoft Kaizala, making it one of the most preferred business communication and teamwork applications.

Kaizala is a very interactive all-in-one messaging app with incredibly productive and helpful features. announcements, task management, research and polls, scheduling meetings, collecting comments, applications, quizzes and more.

Users can use built-in features such as “tasks” to assign tasks. Built-in new employees who use the “training” function to upload text and video orientation instructions. Connect to your extended network with ease and share text, photos, data and file sharing. Organizations can use broadcast teams to interact with the end user.

Kaizala provides secure 1: 1 chats and private group chats. These can be groups for in-house group discussion, consumer engagement and feedback, as well as for professional interaction and interest-based networking.

Kaizala is an scalable application that aims to increase productivity, collaboration and efficiency for both users and organizations. With no ceiling on members, Kaizala has set the benchmark for messengers handling large groups.

Additional value-added features for Office 365 clients:
– Kaizala is compliant with GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC1 and HIPAA. Kaizala provides Azure Active Directory connection options for chats.
– Business level security with Office 365 encrypted sports messenger.
– Office 365 integration allows you to create and manage groups. Users can remove members and manage data.
– Create custom actions, access advanced reports and data analysis.
– Integrate business systems and workflow and enhance collaboration using Kaizala’s open

Features at a glance:

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Our customers’ stories:

International airlines optimize cabin crew activities
Philippine Airlines reduced scheduling time, enhanced safety and enhanced employee satisfaction after the completion of Kaizala-

Indian Hospital makes real-time health services accessible
Narayana Health has implemented Kaizala to reduce the cost of healthcare and facilitate timely communication between patients and medical staff.

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