MiChat 1.3.171 for Android – Download

Download Free MiChat 1.3.171 for Android – Download

MiChat is a very complete communication tool that works as a social network and messaging application all in one. You can talk to friends and relatives or meet new people near you, participating in mass discussions on topics that interest you. Enjoy a smooth and efficient communication tool thanks to MiChat.

First, link your account to your phone number to see a list of your contacts who also use this app. However, if you want to contact someone who has not yet signed up to MiChat, just invite them to start chatting. The interface is simple, but it includes many features that make it easy for you and your contacts to communicate. In addition, you can send pictures, sounds or an entire collection of stickers to capture what you want to say in a different way.

You can also use the new friendship tab to start conversations with users who are close or have similar interests. Just open a chat window and start talking to this person, wherever you are. In addition, MiChat includes a “message in a bottle” function where you can find a specialist through the messages in it.

On the other hand, you can use MiChat to share important moments with your contacts so that they can enjoy those moments with you. Let them react to your posts and discuss any aspect with them using the comments menu.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, MiChat includes chat trends so you can talk to thousands of people about different topics of interest. Find the rooms with the most activity or topics that interest you and start participating in the conversation. Basically, MiChat is a great social tool for chatting with acquaintances or strangers in the simplest and most complete way.


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