Mi Fit 4.8.1 – Download for Android APK for free

Download Free Mi Fit 4.8.1 – Download for Android APK for free

Laptops such as smart watches and smart fitness belts have become very popular in the world of consumable technologies and brands like Fitbit or Xiaomi are very successful among users. And these are exactly the applications for controlling smart belts made by the Chinese phone manufacturer.

Check all its functions and check all the data from your phone

If you want to get the most out of Mi Band by syncing it with your smartphone, you need to download it Mi Fit APK. With the app installed on your phone, you can check and control from your mobile device all your physical activity registered on your laptop. These are the main features offered by this application:

  • Accurately monitor any activity: running, cycling, fitness routines … provides us with a professional analysis of our heart rate and other biometric data to take our training to the next level of performance.
  • Personal Sleep Assistant: analyzes various factors that can affect the quality of your sleep and offers different suggestions for improving it.
  • Analyze ten different sets of statistics to perfect your workout and detect any potential health problems.
  • Allows you to configure different reminders and alerts on your smartband, such as WhatsApp messages or receiving new emails.
  • Compatible with different Xiaomi laptops, such as Mi Band, Amazfit Bip, Mi Body Composition Scale, Mi Scale, Amazfit Pace, Amazfit Smart Chip…

Check on your smartphone all the data about your physical activity that have been registered by your Mi Band.

The interface design offers us everything data in a simple and fast way, allowing us to quickly access any area within the application.

When it comes to compatibility with different smartphones, keep in mind that the connection is via Bluetooth, so your phone should have the same version or higher than the one used by the Mi Band. In turn, you can use the app on any phone brand, although it obviously works best on a Xiaomi smartphone.

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