Mi Browser 13.8.8 for Android

Download Free Mi Browser 13.8.8 for Android

Mi Brower is the official Xiaomi web browser that is pre-installed on all its phones. That said, this app is compatible with other phones and tablets and still has some unique features.

This browser stands out for its minimalist design that makes web browsing extremely easy. Just open the Mi Browse app to open its homepage, which has several web links organized by category. This page is fully customizable so that users can add their own frequently visited sites.

And of course, Mi Brower has all the standard features expected of a web browser: tabs, incognito mode, various default search engines to choose from. In addition to these options, Mi Browser also offers many accessibility features, such as various font sizes.

Overall, Mi Browser is a great ad-free web browser for Android devices. It is a useful application that comes with the quality seal of Xiaomi.


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