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Merge Stories is a strategy title that takes gameplay from merger games and combines it with Clash of Clans battles. It is a simple video game with charming graphics.

It’s easy to have fun playing Merge Stories as it is perfectly suited for touch screens. From the beginning, you will understand that the key to the game is to merge the objects and characters you see on the screen. When you combine two matching objects or characters, you will receive a higher level. But the great thing about the game is that you can combine different objects and characters together. For example, if you merge a character with a few rocks, you will get a slingshot.

In addition to constantly merging units, Merge Stories also lets you go to sea to attack other characters’ villages and gain resources. The gameplay is very similar to other Clash of Clans strategy games. You determine from which square the invasion will start and you must destroy the main enemy base before time runs out. The higher your level, the more units you can add to your boat.

Merge Stories is an extremely fun strategy game that combines two familiar concepts together to offer a whole new experience. It is a game full of possibilities and you can improve your own base with all the gold you collect along the way.


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