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Merge Plane is a game where you gather a fleet of airplanes to create a commercial airline with better and faster aircraft. Your goal is to increase revenue as much as possible.

Initially the gaps available to make airplane combinations are few, but as you ascend, they increase. Thus, the ability to create larger, more complex combinations and disengage several newer, faster aircraft will bring you even more profit.

The game is very similar to Merge Cakes! and train the merger, where your business will thrive thanks to the combinations you have put together, offering the opportunity to invest your profits by immediately buying better planes, some with coins and others with diamonds that reduces the time spent on their merger.

The Merge Plane numbers your planes so that there is no confusion and you know exactly which models are available at all times. In addition, there are different bonuses, such as speed or multiplication of your winnings within a specific time frame.


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