MercadoLibre 10.141.2 for Android – Download

Download Free MercadoLibre 10.141.2 for Android – Download

MercadoLibre, the e-commerce platform where thousands of products are available every day, has an Android version from which you can not only buy products but also post your own to sell.

The products are ordered by category and can be used or new. Any person or company can publish items for sale. You just need to register to be able to trade.

In each category you will find hundreds of thousands of different products, which are meticulously sorted first by category and then by brand and model, allowing you to immediately find what you are looking for. The MercadoLibre menu stands out for its wide range of options.

Available to millions of users in twelve countries in Latin America, MercadoLibre has two options for posting quotes: free basic, higher sales commission and paid regular, which lets you make your product stand out for a small fee.

This Android version of MercadoLibre lets you save any product as a favorite to track its status at any time and then buy it if you decide you want to.

It also lets you manage your sales at any time, offering a complete team to customize the information you want to process before the final sale.

In short, if you are already a user of the e-commerce platform MercadoLibre, you will enjoy this great customization for Android phones.


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