Mercado Pago 2.159.3 for Android

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Mercado Pago is an online payment service that belongs to the same group as Mercado Libre, one of the most popular online used markets in Latin America. This app makes it easy to send and receive payments directly from your Android device.

Just tap on the menu on the left side of the screen to access all the features of Mercado Pago: ask for money, charge others, make payments or manage your account. Complete any of these tasks easily and safely in seconds!

Without a doubt, one of the best features of the Mercado Pago is its payment services. With this app, you can add minutes to your Android device, generate QR codes and use them to charge other users, or even get a gas discount.

Overall, this is a great Mercado Pago app for sending and receiving payments. That said, it only works properly in some Latin American countries, including Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.


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