MEmu 7.3.0 – Free PC Download

Download Free MEmu 7.3.0 – Free PC Download

ΜΕΜΟΥ is the perfect tool for you to play the best and most modern Android games on your computer. This free emulator offers great performance and is compatible with almost all Windows devices.

Android games on your computer screen.

You will be able to play any video game with one mouse and keyboardor even with an Xbox 360 controller or any other external gamepad. And although this emulator was developed specifically for video games, you can also emulate other apps like WhatsApp and chat more comfortably using your keyboard.

Main features of Memu

  • File sharing between Windows and Android.
  • Different customization options: CPU, memory size, resolution, device model, navigation bar location, etc.
  • Elegant desktop.
  • Use the keyboard and mouse to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Simulate your GPS position.
  • The easy installation process for APK.
  • Possibility of opening several Android instances AT THE SAME TIME.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Android 7.1 is now the default version.

Download Last Version: MEmu 7.3.0 – Free PC Download

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