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Download Free Meitu – Download for Android APK Free

Lately, the improvement of photos on mobile devices has reached a higher level with exaggerated and unreal results of Asian influence that we are already accustomed to thanks to the social networks of people like Snapchat.

You will soon know how to use this photo editor.

If, like our neighbors from the East, you like to imagine yourself huge manga dude, dogs or even a mustache, but you also like to add fine filters or remove a few skin imperfections, Meitu can help you the slightest improvement or the greatest eccentricity. So what are you waiting for to download the APK of this application?

Features of MeituPic

  • Automatic improvement: with just one tap you can smooth your skin, brighten your eyes and remove wrinkles.
  • Remove the imperfections: this option allows you to get rid of acne or skin blemishes.
  • Options to remove the eyes, increase the size of the eyes and give color to your skin
  • Includes Dozens of beautiful effects, frames, brushes and wallpapers for your photos.
  • Fashion collage with which you can tell stories with your pictures.
  • 50 professional filters in real time with FX camera.

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