Megacubo (64-bit) Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Megacubo (64-bit) Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Megacube is an all-in-one solution for access your favorite internet TV and radio stations directly from the screen of your home or laptop. If you want to put some fun content on your screen, all you have to do is turn it on Megacube and look for any available TV or radio station that is clearly mentioned in the application. To make the whole application more appealing to a wide variety of users, developers have also included full support for adding and managing bookmarks, loading custom URLs, and even built-in support for accessing YouTube content. The list of channels can be customized to your liking by updating it to custom packages or even increasing it with your own links.

While Megacubo 64 bit does not have as many customization options as any other TV and Radio stream applications, its main advantage comes in the form of improved interface and ease of use. If you want to quickly access streaming audio / video content produced worldwide, Megacube can be a perfect application for you.

Installation and use

Comes in an automated installation package that requires less than 100MB of free space on your local storage. While the installation process is quick and easy, we recommend that you pay attention to the instructions and find out some of the additional offers that this installer wants to install on your computer. In addition to automatic installation, it also comes with fully equipped uninstall which will allow you to easily remove all traces of the application from your storage, temporary directories and registry entries on your computer.

Its main interface Megacube focuses on a large video player canvas and a column with the most useful tools on the right side of the application. There you can find an easy way to search for new stations, resize the player and access the simple options screen.

You can enjoy the viewing experience in three modes – full size player, mini player and full screen playback. The Mini-player is especially useful for computer users who want to keep a small window with TV / radio content active in the corner, allowing them to keep unobstructed view in other windows and applications.

To allow you to quickly find new content, you can find a TV or radio station using a text search function, click on some of the selected TV channel icons, or manually search through the available Radio and TV categories (New Channels) , Variety, Erotic, Child, News, Sports, Music, Religious, World, Educational, Documentary and Movies). Many of the sources in these categories are actually YouTube video links. You can also access YouTube from a dedicated section, making it easy to browse this web resource.

The application does not support advanced options such as creating and managing personalized playlists, subtitles, local web stream recording, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Features and best moments

  • Stream free TV and Internet streams directly to your PC.
  • Browse more than 200 TV stations and over 100 radio stations.
  • Comprehensive support for bookmarks and upload custom streaming URLs.
  • Simple interface that allows quick discovery of content.
  • Three video sizes – normal, mini and full screen.
  • Built-in add-on that makes streaming free TV streaming more enjoyable.
  • Up-to-date list of free streaming content.
  • Audience View – See the most popular channels currently watched by Megacubo users from all over the world.
  • Light and intuitive.
  • Megacubo Premium – Unlock the ability to schedule and record streams, as well as send streams to your Chromecast device.
  • Fully optimized for Windows 10
  • Available on older versions of Windows OS (XP, 7, Vista, 8)
  • 100% FREE!

Download Last Version: Megacubo (64-bit) Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

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