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Medieval Life is a strategy / RPG combination where you can experience the pleasures of life during the medieval years on your Android smartphone. You can buy houses and castles, decorate them with all kinds of furniture, fight against a number of different creatures and visit your friends.

The game in Medieval Life is simple. You can visit neighboring areas from your house or castle whenever you want. When you visit these areas, you can complete missions for your neighbors to earn a lot of money. The majority of missions consist of fighting monsters using a very simple battle system.

With the money you earn as you complete missions, you can buy new homes and furniture. There are more than 150 different pieces to collect, such as beds, chairs, tables, mats and more. When you buy furniture, you will gain experience and level up, allowing you to access different areas of the map that are more dangerous.

Medieval Life is a strategy game with touches of roles and is mainly based on the decoration of your medieval house or castle. It has charming graphics and an isometric perspective that adds a nice touch of old school.


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