MediBang Paint Pro (64-bit) Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free MediBang Paint Pro (64-bit) Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

MediBang Paint Pro is a digital painting and comic book creation software for PC and Mac (and of course modern portable platforms) that brings a wide variety of tools and services for digital artists who want to improve the process of creating comics and manga art Although this application is 100% free and can be used for commercial use, comes with a wide range of brushes, fonts, prefabricated backgrounds and other resources that will allow you to quickly create comics. As an added benefit, the app also provides access to the large MediBang art community where users can access them. cloud storage, and effortlessly share and browse the art of the internet, find like-minded artists, create groups and more.

The main tool that has been activated MediBang Paint Pro 64 bit to attract a large international audience is its brush tool, which consists of 50 unique shapes and color application designs. This includes the popular GPen, Watercolor brush, Mapping Pen for ink and more. To make art creation flexible and customizable to your needs, all brushes and many other tools can be edited and customized to your specific needs. If you need it, you can even create brand new brushes to help you realize your visual ideas faster.

To speed up comics creation, the panel splitting tool lets you quickly crop the screen and create the exact layout of the panel of your choice and support for working with multiple levels, prefabricated elements (speech bubbles, emoticons and more) filters, text tools and more are present and constantly updated with a new version of the application.

MediBang Paint Pro has built-in support for its own .mdp file format, but can also work with popular image formats such as png, jpg, bmp, gif, psd, tif and webp. As for the input method, users are encouraged to precisely control their pain with the Wacom Pen Tablet, but there is also full mouse and keyboard support.

MediBang Paint Pro can be used for FREE on all modern versions of Windows and Mac OS.

Installation and use

The application is distributed online as a small installation package weighing less than 100 MB. To install it on your computer, make sure you have at least 100 MB of free storage (2 GB recommended), between 4-8 GB of RAM and an Internet connection if you want to connect to MediBang Paint’s cloud services.

Its user interface MediBang Paint Pro is traditional and will be instantly recognizable to any digital artist who has learned the basics of pain inside Adobe Photoshop or any other similar application of painting and composition. The center of the application is left for the large painting canvas, with a selection of tools on the far left, and various properties and mini-level management tabs on the far right.

Features and best moments

  • All in One digital pain solution for comic and manga artists.
  • Collection of over 50 brushes, with built-in support for creating your own.
  • Full support for levels and advanced level management.
  • Snap guides that make the pain of straight lines a breeze.
  • Lightweight and fast, ideal for older computers and laptops.
  • Improved comic book creation.
  • Large library of comic book friends.
  • Built-in comic page management.
  • Access to a library of prefabricated backgrounds.
  • Support for cloud-based storage and sharing tools.
  • Collaboration tools with other artists.
  • 100% FREE!

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