MecaNet 21.10.10 for Windows – Download

Download Free MecaNet 21.10.10 for Windows – Download

MecaNet is the best way to learn how to type and improve typing speed. In this application, you will find a complete lesson with basic exercises in a simple environment that is ideal for learning how to type.

Some of the key features of the course are:

– COURSE CONTENT: It consists of 20 courses.
– STATISTICS OF EVERY SUBJECT: Error rate, typing per minute …
– LOADING AND STORAGE WITH LISTINGS: Ability to store and load from multiple locations for many users in an easy and safe way.
– OPEN ANY EXTERNAL TEXT: Users can practice with any text document they want.
– GENERAL TOPIC: Users can invent their own lessons, choosing from a variety of different options that can be created.
– CORRECT AND ARTIFICIAL TEXT: Visual indications that facilitate the monitoring of the text you are writing.
– CUSTOMIZE OPTIONS IN THE PROCESS: There are three different interfaces in the program and it is possible to adjust the color.

In addition, the program can be run from any portable memory device (external hard drive, pen drive …) without having to install anything on the computer on which you will use the program.


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