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Being able to use a keyboard does not mean, from any point of imagination, that you know how to type. In fact, people usually learn to use the wrong keyboard by acquiring bad habits that make your typing less effective. Maybe you could write better with the right teacher to guide you to tricks and techniques to write better with the keyboard, improve your skills and write faster.

A typing lesson for children and adults.

Different techniques to learn to type

If you do not use all your fingers to type, you are wasting time. Or at least that’s what typing experts claim. MecaNet is based on professional techniques and methodologies and offers different methods to improve the way you use your keyboard.

MecaNet software adapts to different types of users, including functions for teaching children to type and offers a system of flexible and enjoyable tools to improve and speed up computer typing.

  • Learn with MecaNet: letters will be displayed and you must press them in the correct order to be able to easily determine the position of the keys. You can use the new version of the program, the classic or the minimalist version.
  • Time trial: after selecting a text file, you must write it MecaNet times. With this test, you can check your progress.
  • Create a test: if you find that some keys are more problematic for you, you can create your own test for practicing specific letters.
  • Child operation: this version of the course is for the younger ones.
  • Practice in the game: with simple games, you can improve your agility while having fun.
  • Practice with a personal trainer: he is a personal tutor adapting to the user’s mistakes to reinforce these aspects.
  • Learn with the keyboard: this uses the Keyboard version of the typing lesson.

Enhance user skills

This software seeks to enhance user skills in different areas, some of them go beyond actual typing:

  • Improve reading and spelling skills.
  • Improves issues of coordination and laterality.
  • Exercises attention, concentration and self-control.
  • Promotes proper computer use, saving time and productivity.

This is a good program that, although it is for PC (compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10), it also works as a typing lesson for Mac, as the keyboard is practically identical, except for some features.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Course offers have expanded and improved features.

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