MDB ACCDB Viewer 2.2.7 – Download for Mac for free

Download Free MDB ACCDB Viewer 2.2.7 – Download for Mac for free

Access is the software in the Microsoft Office suite for creating and managing databases compatible with applications developed in Redmond. If you want to work with these files but do not have Office for Mac, it would be a good idea to get a program to open them and their contents. We are talking about programs like MDB ACCDB Viewer.

You can only see the data, there is no possibility to make requests or modify data.

With the full version, we can open all Access databases from our Mac, regardless of whether their form is the old MDB or the newer ACCDB. With the latter, accessing files is simple and fast and also allows us to export databases to other formats that are much more convenient to work with.

A true access reader and viewer

The application also offers detailed instructions for transferring information to other applications so it is definitely very useful to handle all the information in Microsoft databases. It is really worth buying the serial number to make the most of all its features:

  • Explore, search and export data.
  • Compatible with the following formats: MD, ACCDB, MDE and ACCDE.
  • Advanced searches to find anything you are looking for.
  • Double-click the rows to display large chunks of text or images.
  • Compatible with other formats such as Excel, CSV and SQL.
  • Instructions for exporting databases to Filemaker, Bento, Excel, Numbers, OpenOffice, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Address Book.

Download Last Version: MDB ACCDB Viewer 2.2.7 – Download for Mac for free

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