Masketeers 1.3.1 for Android – Download

Download Free Masketeers 1.3.1 for Android – Download

Masketeers is an inert RPG where you try to save the world from the evil demons who want to destroy it. This is an elementary game where you play as a group of heroes with special powers awarded to them by mysterious masks.

The game in Masketeers is similar to other elementary games where you fight hordes of enemies, but in this game, you do not have to constantly press the screen. In fact, your characters automatically attack enemies, but you can activate special character attacks whenever you want. These bullets can merge with others, resulting in even more powerful blows each time you climb.

You earn coins for killing demons that you can then invest in improving your characters until they are unstoppable. Not only do you get gold when you climb, but you can also get new masks and special runes.

There is no end to the screens in Masketeers, so you are unlikely to get bored. This is a game full of possibilities that rewards you as you continue to play. In addition, it has colorful graphics and fun gameplay.


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