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Marvel Contest of Champions is a 2D battle game where you control some of the most iconic heroes of the Marvel universe. The story of the game introduces you to the Collector, who has summoned superheroes (and supervillains) from all over the universe to take part in an epic battle against Kang the Conqueror.

At the beginning of the Marvel Contest of Champions, you will only have two fighters to use in any battle. Also, the number of available superheroes and supermarkets is huge: among Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Gamora, Juggernaut, Star Lord, Black Panther, Drax, The Punisher and Winter Soldier.

Playing in the Marvel Contest of Champions is fairly simple and requires no virtual buttons or sticks. Instead, you can slide your finger back to avoid, swipe forward to attack, tap the enemy to attack multiple times, or tap the screen to block.

The Marvel of Champions competition comes in many different game modes. In story mode, you can do many different missions where you have to fight dozens of AI-controlled enemies. These enemies will become stronger as you progress. In Duel mode, on the other hand, you can play against other human players (and their superheroes) over the Internet.

Visually, the Marvel Contest of Champions is a real miracle. The game’s graphics have nothing to envy the console version, with some impressive character models and settings designs.

The Marvel Contest of Champions is a great fighting game that also has an important collection element, as you have to collect characters and improve their skills. This definitely turns out to be the most addictive part of the game.

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