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Download Free Managed Home Screen APK Download from Microsoft Corporation

Thanks for using the managed home screen! In this update we have promoted some improvements in accessibility and login experience on the Managed Home screen, as well as some debugging fixes.

The Managed Home screen application, for corporate devices in organizations that are registered with Microsoft Intune, allows the operation of a multi-application kiosk for a specific, locked use. This application should only be developed by your organization. Helps your organization remotely adjust and customize the home screen on the device (s) to provide a highly productive disposable experience. This application overrides the default home screen or launcher to restrict device activity and access based on remote settings.

• Central development and locking of large-scale devices
• Kiosk function lock with default applications
• Easily pin sites to the home screen
• Customize the experience and layout of the home screen

Important: This application is for organizational use only and only works with devices that manage organizations registered with Microsoft Intune. Downloaders will not be able to manage, configure or use this application. If you work in an organization and you are a user of this application and you have problems or have questions about using it (including your company privacy policy), contact your IT manager. Do not contact your network operator, device manufacturer, or Microsoft for support.

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