MAME 0.227 for Windows – Download

Download Free MAME 0.227 for Windows – Download

MAME is an acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, which means that it is an emulator of various types of entertainment arcades that allows you to enjoy an endless number of games on your computer, regardless of the technology used, extending its compatibility with each new version. .

Basic MAME download does not include any graphical GUI type, so if you install an interface, you must use the command prompt to run it, or use the main menu included in the program as soon as you access the game, from which you can also visualize the contents of the ROM folder (including games). The best thing to do is find an external management tool like Mame Plus or Mame 32 to browse your toy collection.

The emulator lets you configure controls, save games, or change graphic settings to add filters after editing, among other things.


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