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Find and eliminate any kind of virus and keep your computer safe with the complete Malware Hunter program. If you are looking for a great way to scan your documents, take a look at this program. Its wide range of features will help you find and delete any potentially malicious files.

Malware Hunter has three main features. Its first feature is a virus detector, which has three options: simple, advanced and custom. With custom scanning, you can focus on specific files where you suspect there may be a problem. Once the scan is complete, you can see the detected threats and their location and eliminate them with a single click.

In addition, this program can also optimize and speed up your computer in seconds. The optimization option has several options to choose from so that you can find the one that best suits your needs. Just select one of the available options to improve your computer’s performance in seconds.

The third and final option of Malware Hunter deletes unnecessary files that take up only space on your hard drive. This feature detects unwanted files that have been created over time that you may not be aware of, freeing up space on your hard drive and speeding up your computer. Try Malware Hunter, run its four main features, and keep your computer safe and free of clutter for years.


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