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Make & Race 2 is a racing game featuring some of the most famous characters from the Cartoon Network universe. In this game, you will not only be ready to be the first at the finish line, but also to create your own unique cars in the workshop.

Before each match, you must select a pair of characters to compete. In Make & Race 2 you can choose between Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, Tom and Jerry, Taz and Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and Coyote, or Dick Dastardly and Muttley.

In addition to great characters, this game also features fun materials that you can use to build custom cars. You can use anything from donuts for tires to balloons for an engine. But regardless of the type of car you create, Make & Race 2 is a lot of fun. Once the race starts, just tap on the screen to avoid obstacles and collect coins scattered all over the track.

Build your own cars in the lab and try them out on the racetrack in Make & Race 2. In addition, you can change your character duo at any time and test each pair’s unique abilities.


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