Magic Siege – Defender 1.95.49 for Android

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If you like tower defense games and want a fun new challenge to test your skills, Magic Siege – Defender takes on the life of a king
Magician owner of a large castle. Protect your field from the attacks of any creature that dares to besiege it and prove that your forces are truly superior to anyone trying to besiege your castle.

In this adventure you have to place yourself in front of your fortress, looking to the horizon to locate all the enemies along the way to approach your wall. Make sure you calculate the distances and speeds of each of them so that you can carry out effective attacks. Like any good magician, you will be able to fire projectiles and lightning bolts loaded with deadly electricity that will leave even the most powerful wounded. The difficulty of the game lies in the fact that, in general, your opponents are much stronger than you, so completing them is not an easy task. In order not to win you have to improve the tricks of magic and sorcery and improve the attack techniques. As you progress through each level, you gain more experience points and loot in the form of gold coins, which you can reinvest to further develop your skills.

Go as far as you can in the Magic Siege – Defender and make sure that your castle does not fall into unwanted hands. Discover each of the magic and witchcraft techniques that hide and become the greatest magician in the country and unleash the deadliest attacks against the fiercest hordes of oncoming villains.


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