Magic Rush: Heroes 1.1.291 for Android

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Magic Rush: Heroes is an epic adventure where traditional role-playing elements are combined with other than tower defense games. All this in a universe full of legendary heroes, magic magic, state-of-the-art technology and terribly capable enemies.

In Magic Rush: Heroes you can customize everything for your hero, as you would in any standard RPG. You can carry out different types of attacks in confrontations with the enemy depending on your abilities.

However, in Magic Rush: Heroes your characters also act as towers when you play tower defense phases. In these levels you have to defeat your enemies following the traditional game: create your heroes and make them attack every passing enemy.

Magic Rush: Heroes lets you take part in PvP duels where your heroes fight those of another player on the Internet. This way you can receive epic rewards and even conquer the worlds of other players.

Magic Rush: Heroes is a great combination of items that bring together the best elements of role-playing and tower defense. And the graphics are excellent, which engages you even more deeply in this epic world of fantasy.


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